Activity summary of May 2023

Venue: Maude Studio, Calle Donoso cortés 9-11, 29002 Málaga.

Teacher: Laura Jiménez Pérez, pedagogue specialized in pedagogical training for future teachers, job orientation and educational inclusion.


  • Methodologies to involve and include participation and compensation.
  • Digital tools for inclusion.
  • Digital methodologies for inclusion in training:
  • Create a supportive and compensatory classroom environment using digital whiteboards.
  • Use digital tools to work inclusion and access.

Conduct of the sessions: Theoretical concepts were addressed and various resources were explored to foster learning through technology and address diversity. Then, a group activity was carried out in which three groups were formed, each choosing a resource and creating an activity to perform with the other participants.

Group 1: Kahoot

This group used the Kahoot tool, where the teacher/teacher creates competitions to learn or reinforce knowledge. Benefits:

  • Identify the issues that need more work.
  • Stimulate a more efficient study.
  • Improve long-term knowledge retention.
  • Reduce test stress by practicing frequently.
  • Acquire new knowledge in a practical way.
  • Save time to study.

Group 2: Brainscape

This group opted for Brainscape, an educational platform that allows students to study adaptive flashcards. Advantages:

  • Increase the motivation.
  • Develop technological skills.
  • Encourage multitasking.
  • To stimulate teamwork.
  • Adapt to individualized instruction.
  • Create collaborative and social experiences.
  • Improve the learning experience in each lesson.

Group 3: Classdojo

This group chose Classdojo, a platform that helps teachers organize their classroom, promote gamification, qualify students and maintain fluid communication with them and their families. Benefits:

  • Observe the learning progress in real time and comment on it.
  • Foster collaboration with families.
  • Facilitate communication.
  • Improve the motivation.

Each group presented its activity, explaining its objective and motivating the use of the digital resource. The activity was then carried out with the participation of all and the results were evaluated.

In addition, an interactive activity was carried out with Mentimeter to conduct surveys and activities in real time, creating attractive presentations.

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the activity, noting that it was fun and useful.