BE-COMS: Hackathon 27-28 September

Supported by the DITES research centre, the BE-COMS project, Building E-COMpetencies at School, is based on three strongly interconnected pillars:

  • Involving key actors in the educational process in initiatives to promote teaching and learning skills in the technological age; 
  • Exchange and promotion of ideas; 
  • Exchange of innovative methodologies and tools for education and training. 

For this project, Entropy has organized two training days for students from 27 to 28 September. In these days, students will be involved in various activities, including:

  • An engaging self-assessment on digital competencies via Dig4Life Serious Game; 
  • Preparation for the interview with the stakeholder;
  • Listening to a speech about the employability for Gen-Z;
  • Hackathon during which students will be divided into groups to develop a project that, at the end of the day, will be evaluated by teachers. The winners will have the opportunity to see their project listed among the new proposals for the upcoming Erasmus+ call.