Autore: Luca Torchia

  • Final Conference Building E-COMpetencies at School

    Darica District Directorate of National Education The BE-COMS (Building E-COMpetencies at School) project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, began in March 2022 and this hybrid final conference aimed to disseminate the overall results of the project, involving 60 local and 40 international participants.  At this event, we aimed to communicate and share the work that…

  • BE-COMS: Hackathon 27-28 September

    Supported by the DITES research centre, the BE-COMS project, Building E-COMpetencies at School, is based on three strongly interconnected pillars: For this project, Entropy has organized two training days for students from 27 to 28 September. In these days, students will be involved in various activities, including:

  • Activity summary of May 2023

    Venue: Maude Studio, Calle Donoso cortés 9-11, 29002 Málaga. Teacher: Laura Jiménez Pérez, pedagogue specialized in pedagogical training for future teachers, job orientation and educational inclusion. Agenda: Conduct of the sessions: Theoretical concepts were addressed and various resources were explored to foster learning through technology and address diversity. Then, a group activity was carried out…